ADBA National Conference 2015

ADBA National Conference
3 December 2015, London, United Kingdom
The AD industry has grown by over 600 per cent outside of the water sector over the past five years and is now moving beyond the 400 plant industry milestone announced in July. To maintain this growth and to allow us to contribute cost-effectively to the UK’s energy needs and future carbon budgets, ADBA’s National Conference will bring together leading political and industry figures to evaluate the impact of crucial government decisions on RHI and FIT, and encourage the implementation of policy which: facilitates uptake in source-segregated food waste collections; incentivises biomethane for transport; avoids over-cumbersome bioenergy sustainability criteria; and mitigates the potential impact of the new Circular Economy package on the developing digestate market. In addition to crucial policy advice, the conference will include Q&A sessions, networking and table top exhibitions.

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