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10'th September 2014
POM-BIOGAS workshop 

The main aim of that meeting was to present of results of the completed tasks in the particular workpackages by all Project Partners in the framework of Pomeranian Biogas Model Project (acronym:POM-BIOGAS).
Workshop of the Pomeranian Biogas Model

7-9'th May 2014
Study visit to biogas plants in Oslo

The study visit of the POM-BIOGAS project partners to Oslo was organized on 7th-9th May 2014 by the Norwegian Partner – Aquateam COWI AS. The main objectives of the tour were:

  1. Visitation of two Norwegian power plants, deriving biogas from municipal waste;
  2. Introduction to the sorting and recycling system in Norway;
  3. Conducting the working project meeting due to project progress review, cooperation amongst the project partners and programming of the future project activities and tasks.

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IV Baltic Biogas Forum

IV Baltic Biogas Forum were organised on 28- 30 september 2014 year. During that forum there were also presented the project "Pomeranian Biogas Model". Leaders of particular work packages have presented the results of their research work. Within the IV Baltic Biogas Model, there was publicated the book: Eco- Energetics- Biogas, in which, there were also included two publications prepared within the POM- BIOGAS project.

1. "Evaluation of the organic waste biogas potential in the Pomeranian Region"
2. "Digestate and its utilisation methods"